Samson Occom's Account of the Death of a Christian Mohegan Indian

Occom, Samson, 1723-1792
Smith [Fielding], Fidelia Ann Hoscott
Montville, Connecticut
December 24, 1776
Associated Names:
Occom, Samson, 1723-1792 [Author]
Smith [Fielding], Fidelia Ann Hoscott [Author]
Ashbow [Brushell Uncas], Hannah (c. 1769-c.1832) [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow Shantup, Hannah (wife of Joseph) [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Betty (wife of Rob) [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, daughter of Robert and Betty, d. 1776 [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Jerusha [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Joel (son of Rob and Betty), 1763- [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Robert (hus of Betty) [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Samuel, 1718-1795 [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Samuel, Jr., -1775 [Mentioned within document]
Babbit, Adelaide Virginia (1840-1906) [Mentioned within document]
Baker, Henry Greenwood (1832-1903) [Mentioned within document]
Church [Babbit], Hannah Ann (1820-1903) [Mentioned within document]
Fitch, John Gardiner (1798-1875) [Mentioned within document]
Hoscott, Samuel (1792-1831) [Mentioned within document]
Mamamonash, Hannah [Mentioned within document]
Newton, Emily J [Mentioned within document]
Occuish, Philip, 1716-1789 [Mentioned within document]
Shantup, Martha (dau. of Jos. and Hannah), 1766- [Mentioned within document]
Smith, Bartholomew Valentine Tantaquidgeon (c. 1811-1843) [Mentioned within document]
Wyyougs, Charles (1808-1837) [Mentioned within document]
Associated Locations:
North America -- British Empire -- Colony of Connecticut -- Mohegan [Written]
North America -- Indian Country -- Mohegan Territory [Mentioned]
North America -- Indian Country -- Mohegan Territory -- Mohegan [Written]
North America -- United States of America -- State of Connecticut -- Montville [Mentioned]
North America -- United States of America -- State of Connecticut -- Montville [Mentioned (modern name)]
North America -- United States of America -- State of Connecticut -- New London [Mentioned]
Abstract Ideas -- Conversion
Abstract Ideas -- Piety
Abstract Ideas -- Reputation
Culture -- Community
Culture -- Death
Culture -- Family -- Kinship
Culture -- Genealogy
Culture -- Religion/Beliefs
Culture -- Travel
Disease/Illness -- Deaths
Disease/Illness -- Sickness
Employment -- Maritime
Government -- State -- Connecticut -- Agencies -- Overseers
Land -- Conveyances -- Sale
Land -- Reservation/Reserve -- Mohegan
Literature -- Religious Education -- Deathbed Accounts
Religion/Beliefs -- Christianity
Religion/Beliefs -- Christianity -- Church Membership
Religion/Beliefs -- Christianity -- Deathbed Accounts
Religion/Beliefs -- Christianity -- Visions
Religion/Beliefs -- Visions
Repository -- Thomas Leffingwell House Museum
Tribes/Communities -- Mohegan
Vital Records -- Births
Vital Records -- Deaths -- Unknown
YIPP -- Colony of Connecticut Collection, 1603-1783
YIPP -- State of Connecticut Collection, 1784-1869
Journal/Diary Entry
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