Evidence taken from the Minutes of Masons Court

Wyllys, George, 1710-1796
June 2, 1743
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Associated Names:
Wyllys, George, 1710-1796 [Author]
Ashbow, John, Jr. (before 1743) [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Joseph (before 1743) [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Joseph (hus of Jenny) [Mentioned within document]
Ashbow, Samuel, 1718-1795 [Mentioned within document]
Cauchegan, Solomon [Mentioned within document]
Cawnump, Nezer [Mentioned within document]
Chandler, John [Mentioned within document]
Choychoy, Charles [Mentioned within document]
Colver, Edward [Mentioned within document]
Cooper, John (Mohegan) [Mentioned within document]
Ephraim (Mohegan) [Mentioned within document]
George, Abraham [Mentioned within document]
George, John [Mentioned within document]
Hutchins, John [Mentioned within document]
Johnson, John [Mentioned within document]
Johnson, Zachary, 1687-1787 [Mentioned within document]
Little George [Mentioned within document]
Meazon, George [Mentioned within document]
Meazon, Moses [Mentioned within document]
Nannapoom, John [Mentioned within document]
Nimrod, Daniel [Mentioned within document]
Owaneco, 1640- [Mentioned within document]
Park, John [Mentioned within document]
Quocheats, Simon [Mentioned within document]
Robin (Mohegan) [Mentioned within document]
Shantup, David (before 1743) [Mentioned within document]
Shantup, David II (before 1743) [Mentioned within document]
Shantup, Isaac [Mentioned within document]
Shantup, Moses [Mentioned within document]
Sox, Old [Mentioned within document]
Sox, Peter [Mentioned within document]
Sox, Sam [Mentioned within document]
Sterry, Samuel [Mentioned within document]
Toby, Peter [Mentioned within document]
Toby, Simon [Mentioned within document]
Tom (Mohegan 1738) [Mentioned within document]
Uncas, Benjamin II, -1746 [Mentioned within document]
Uncas, John, "Old" [Mentioned within document]
Unknown [Recipient]
Associated Locations:
North America -- British Empire -- Colony of Connecticut [Written]
North America -- British Empire -- Colony of Connecticut -- Mohegan [Mentioned]
North America -- British Empire -- Colony of Connecticut -- Norwich [Mentioned]
North America -- Indian Country -- Mohegan Territory [Mentioned]
North America -- Indian Country -- Quinebaug Territory -- Pachaug [Mentioned]
North America -- United States of America -- State of Connecticut [Written (modern name)]
North America -- United States of America -- State of Connecticut -- Montville [Mentioned (modern name)]
North America -- United States of America -- State of Connecticut -- Norwich [Mentioned (modern name)]
Culture -- Disputes
Culture -- Leadership -- Sachems
Government -- Colonial -- Colony of Connecticut -- General Assembly
Government -- Imperial -- Agencies -- Commissioners for Trade and Plantations
Government -- Tribal -- Mohegan -- Mason Faction -- Sachems/Sagamores -- John Uncas (1736-c.1769)
Government -- Tribal -- Mohegan -- Pro-Government Faction -- Sachems/Sagamores -- Ben Uncas II (1726-1746)
Land -- Complaints -- Controversies -- Mohegan Case
Land -- Description -- Boundaries
Land -- Reservation/Reserve -- Mohegan
Law -- Evidence
Law -- Imperial Actions -- Case Names -- Mohegan Case
Law -- Imperial Actions -- Commissions of Review
Law -- Procedure -- Summons
Relations -- Colonial Affairs
Relations -- Tribal Affairs
Repository -- Connecticut Historical Society
Tribes/Communities -- Mohegan
Tribes/Communities -- Pachaug
YIPP -- Colony of Connecticut Collection, 1603-1783
Pequot, Western
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Archives or Manuscripts
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1705 [Mentioned]
June 22, 1743 [Mentioned]
June 6, 1743 [Mentioned]
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Ms. Indian Docs., Moh
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Yale Indian Papers Project
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New England Indian Papers Series
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National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
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Connecticut Historical Society
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