Answer of the Schaghticoke and River Indians to Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Governor George Clinton

River Indians
Schaghticoke (N.Y.) Indians
June 1744
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Associated Names:
River Indians [Author]
Schaghticoke (N.Y.) Indians [Author]
Clinton, George [Recipient]
Commissioners of the Colony of Connecticut [Recipient]
Commissioners of the Province of Massachusetts Bay [Recipient]
Associated Locations:
North America -- British Empire -- Colony of Connecticut [Destination]
North America -- British Empire -- Massachusetts Bay Colony -- Boston [Destination]
North America -- British Empire -- Province of Massachusetts Bay [Destination]
North America -- Indian Country -- River Indian Territory [Written]
North America -- Indian Country -- Schaghticoke Territory (New York) [Written]
North America -- Indian Country -- Six Nations [Written]
North America -- United States of America -- Commonwealth of Massachusetts [Destination (modern name)]
North America -- United States of America -- Commonwealth of Massachusetts -- Boston [Destination (modern name)]
North America -- United States of America -- State of Connecticut [Destination (modern name)]
Abstract Ideas -- Friend Indians
Abstract Ideas -- Peace & Friendship
Animals -- Beavers
Animals -- Martins
Commerce/Trade -- Skins
Culture -- Gift
Culture -- Oratory
Culture -- Rites/Ceremonies -- Diplomatic -- Covenant Chain
Culture -- Wampum
Geopolitics -- American Indian Tribes
Geopolitics -- Canada/New France
Geopolitics -- Canadian Native Allies
Geopolitics -- Great Britain
Government -- Colonial -- Colony of Connecticut -- Agencies -- Diplomacy
Government -- Colonial -- Province of Massachusetts Bay -- Agencies -- Diplomacy
Law -- Diplomacy -- Covenant Chain -- Renewal
Military -- Indian Allies
Relations -- Imperial Affairs
Relations -- Intercolonial
Relations -- Inter-Tribal Affairs
Repository -- Connecticut State Library
Tribes/Communities -- River Indians
Tribes/Communities -- Schaghticoke
Tribes/Communities -- Six Nations
YIPP -- Colony of Connecticut Collection, 1603-1783
YIPP -- Massachusetts Bay Colony Collection, 1628-1684
River Indians
Schaghticoke (New York)
Six Nations
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