Bank-notes, paper-money, French-alarmists, O, the devil, the devil! ah! poor John-Bull!!! [graphic] / Js. Gy. invt. et fect.

Gillray, James, 1756-1815, printmaker.
Physical Description:
1 print : etching on wove paper, hand-colored ; plate mark 25.5 x 35.7 cm, on sheet 29 x 39 cm
Title etched below image.
BEIN GEN MSS 1387: Forms part of the W. J. Linton collection. For a full description of the collection, search by call number.
Temporary local subject terms: Sacks of money -- Bank notes.
"Pitt (left) as a bank-clerk, very thin and much caricatured, a pen thrust through his wig, stands behind an L-shaped counter offering a handful of bank-notes to John Bull. In his right hand is a scoop with which he sweeps up notes from the counter. John is the yokel of BMSat 8141, but no longer bewildered; he stands stolidly, holding out his left hand for the notes, his right hand in his coat pocket. Fox (right), who wears a high cocked hat with tricolour cockade, bag-wig, and laced suit, says to him: "Dont take his damn'd Paper, John! insist upon having Gold, to make your Peace with the French, when they come". Sheridan bends towards John, saying, "Dont take his Notes! nobody takes Notes now! - they'll not even take Mine!" John answers: "I wool take it! - a' may as well let my Measter Billy hold the Gold to keep away you Frenchmen, as save it, to gee it you, when ye come over, with your domn'd invasion." Behind (right) hands of other Foxites are raised in warning, and on the extreme right is the profile of Stanhope. Behind (left), men hasten towards Pitt with large sacks of notes on their heads. The first two, in judge's robes, are Loughborough with a sack of '20 Shilling Notes', and Kenyon with one of 'Five Pound Notes'. Behind is Grenville with a sack of '10 Shilling Notes'. Other sacks whose bearers are hidden are inscribed '5 Shilling No[tes], 2 Shillin No[tes]', and 'One Shilling'. Under Pitt's counter is a row of large sacks of gold, padlocked and inscribed '£'. On the end of the counter, facing the spectator, is posted a bill headed: 'Order of Council to the Bank of England'."--British Museum online catalogue.
John Bull (Symbolic character)--Caricatures and cartoons.
Auchincloss, Hugh Dudley--Ownership.
Fox, Charles James,--1749-1806--Caricatures and cartoons.
Grenville, William Wyndham Grenville,--Baron,--1759-1834--Caricatures and cartoons.
Harvey, Francis--Ownership.
Humphrey, Hannah, active 1774-1817, publisher.
Kenyon, Lloyd Kenyon,--Baron,--1732-1802--Caricatures and cartoons.
Pitt, William,--1759-1806--Caricatures and cartoons.
Riviere & Son Binding.
Rosslyn, Alexander Wedderburn,--Earl of,--1733-1805--Caricatures and cartoons.
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley,--1751-1816--Caricatures and cartoons.
Stanhope, Charles Stanhope,--Earl,--1753-1816--Caricatures and cartoons.
Satires (Visual works)--England--1797.
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Call Number:
Auchincloss Gillray v. 4
GEN MSS 1387, Box 21 (Oversize), folder 372
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Yale Collection:
Lewis Walpole Library
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Lewis Walpole Library
Local Record Number:
Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum. Division I, political and personal satires, v. 7, no. 8990
Wright, T. Works of James Gillray, the caricaturist with the history of his life and times, p. 219