The four seasons of love [graphic] / Rowlandson del.

[Thomas Tegg]
[not before 15 September 1814]
Physical Description:
1 print : etching on wove paper, hand-colored ; sheet 25 x 35 cm
Title etched below image.
Later state; imprint statement has been completely burnished from plate.
Publication information inferred from earlier state with the imprint "Pubd. Septr. 15th, 1814, by Thos. Tegg, No. 111 Cheapside." Cf. No. 12407 in the Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum. Division I, political and personal satires, v. 9.
Plate numbered "253" in upper right corner.
Plate from: Woodward, G.M. Caricature magazine, or Hudibrastic mirror. London : Thomas Tegg, [1808?], v. 4.
Also issued separately.
Sheet trimmed within plate mark.
Cf. Grego, J. Rowlandson the caricaturist, v. 2, page 286.
Temporary local subject terms: Male Costume, 1814: Trousers -- Fans -- Tailors -- Female Costume, 1814: Fur muff -- Parasols -- Dogs -- Lawyers -- Furniture: Writing-table.
Caricatures II; Acquisitions no.: 968-9-1-110.
1 print : etching, hand-colored, on wove paper ; sheet 26 x 36 cm.
Manuscript "110" in upper center of plate.
"A sequence of four designs divided by intersecting lines. 'Spring'. An ugly tailor kneels with clasped hands at the feet of a plain woman, who holds up a fan encouragingly. A card of patterns hangs from his pocket. He says: "Oh you bewitching Angel behold at your feet a Swain as tender as a Veal Cutlet, You are the very Broad Cloth of perfection--have pity on me Adorable Mrs Griskin." She answers: "You enchanting Devil I do not know what to say to you. however Mr Thimble--that Mole between your eye-brows-- put me so much in mind of my poor departed Husband, that I think I cant refuse you." 'Summer'. The pair walk arm-in-arm in a landscape. He has become plump and wears trousers in place of the breeches worn in the other three designs. She flourishes a parasol. A dog follows. He says: "O thou wert born to please me My Life my only Dear." She answers: "Ay now you look a little stylish You are a--Charming Man who would not be married." 'Autumn'. They face each other defiantly, she holds a letter beginning 'Dear Mr Thimble,' and shrieks: "Here you feller here's a pretty commence. An interspected letter from one of your Naughty Women I knew you was going to Gallivant." He answers: "Well Ma'am, since you come for to go to that, who was it Galivanted with Mr Dip the Dyer to White conduit House last Sunday answer me that however I'll have a separation." 'Winter'. The pair are seated each side of a writing-table at which a lawyer sits reading a paper: 'Articles of Seperation between Jeremiah and Tabitha Thimble'. Her hands are in a muff; she says with a painful smile: "I never felt myself so Comfortable in all my Life." He has grown thin and sits with clasped hands, saying, "O Blessed day for Jerry Thimble I hope to pass the next Year in Peace and quietness"."--British Museum online catalogue, description of an earlier state.
Associated Names:
Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827 [Printmaker]
Tegg, Thomas, 1776-1845 [Publisher]
Auchincloss, Hugh Dudley
Harvey, Francis
Johnstone, Henry Arthur
Riviere & Son
Etchings -- England -- London -- 1814
Satires (Visual works) -- England -- 1814
Watermarks (Paper) -- 1817
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Prints & Photographs
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Caricature magazine, or, Hudibrastic mirror
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814.09.15.01+ Impression 2
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