Original plan for a popular monument to be erected in Gloucester Place [graphic].

Pubd. April 4th, 1809, by Thos. Tegg, No. 111 Cheapside
[4 April 1809]
Physical Description:
1 print : etching on wove paper, hand-colored ; plate mark 34.3 x 24.3 cm, on sheet 40 x 26 cm
Title etched below image.
Printmaker from British Museum catalogue.
Sheet trimmed to plate mark leaving thread margins on two sides.
Alfred Bowditch Collection ; Dec., 1966 ; Acquisitions no.: 966-12-10-36.
Mounted to 43 x 29 cm.
"An irregular pyramidal erection is based on a solid block of stone, inscribed: The Foundation York Folly! On this rests a damaged block of similar shape more dilapidated and rather smaller: Crackd Portland Stone [see British Museum Satires No. 10716]. Above, slightly smaller but smoother and more rectangular, is Folk-stone of the First Quality. On this stand (left to right) a barrel of Whitbreads Intire [see British Museum Satires No. 10421], a large decanter of Burdetts Stingo, and a slightly smaller one of Wardlles British Spirit. They support a slab of Romilly Free Stone. On this rest two balls or bubbles; in each sits a man gloomily contemplating a writing-table, one a civilian, Sandon, the other an officer, Clavering. On these rests a slab inscribed Sandon & Claverings Dumps which supports the apex of the monument, a pyramid: Mrs Clarks Pyramid. From behind the base project (left) a mitre and crosier (see British Museum Satires No. 10227), with a paper: The New Morality [the title deriving from Canning's poem, see British Museum Satires No. 9240]; and (right) the Duke's cocked hat and sword, with papers inscribed My Darling and Love Letters [see British Museum Satires No. 10228, &c.]. There is a background of cloud."--British Museum online catalogue.
Associated Names:
Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827 [Printmaker]
Tegg, Thomas, 1776-1846 [Publisher]
Auchincloss, Hugh Dudley
Clarke, Mary Anne Thompson, 1776-1852
Frederick Augustus, Prince, Duke of York and Albany, 1763-1827
Harvey, Francis
Riviere & Son
Wardle, Gwyllym Lloyd, 1762?-1833
Etchings -- England -- London -- 1809
Satires (Visual works) -- England -- 1809
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Prints & Photographs
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