"Two pair of portraits" [graphic] : presented to all the unbiased electors of Great Britain by John Horne Tooke / Js. Gillray invt. & fect.

Publishd. December 1s [sic], 1798, by J. Wright, Piccadilly, for [the] Anti Jacobin review
[1 December 1798]
Physical Description:
1 print : etching on wove paper ; plate mark 19.6 x 26.7 cm, on sheet 23 x 29 cm
Title etched below image.
Plate from: The Anti-Jacobin review and magazine. London, 1798, v.1, opp. p. 574.
Temporary local subject terms: Interiors: painter's studio -- Paiting materials -- Paintings: portraits -- Busts -- Placards -- Pictures amplifying subject -- Windmills -- Containers: flagon -- Chamberpots -- Reference to Robespierre -- Reference to Tallien -- Reference to Marat.
Alfred Bowditch Collection ; Dec. 1966 ; Acquisitions no.: 966-12-6-64.
Mounted to 31 x 35 cm.
"Horne Tooke, not caricatured, sits at an easel on which are juxtaposed two canvases, three-quarter length [Horne Tooke described his portraits as 'not whole lengths, and left for some younger hand hereafter to finish . . .', p. 7.] portraits of Fox (Ieft) and Pitt (right); he holds palette and brushes, but looks over his right shoulder at the spectator, saying: ""Which two of them will you chuse \ "to hang up inyour Cabinets; \ "the Pitts, or the Foxes? - \ "Where, on your Conscience, \ "should the other two be hanged?" [Op. cit., final words.] Fox's left hand rests on a pedestal inscribed 'Deceit', on which the head of a fox holding a mask is just discernible. Pitt's right hand rests on a similar but rather higher pedestal inscribed 'Truth'; Truth's head and a hand holding a mirror are just discernible. Their expressions support the two inscriptions. From the painter's pocket projects a pamphlet: 'Sketches of Patriotic Views - a Pension, a Mouth Stopper a Place.' On the ground, resting against a table, is the other pair of portraits, juxtaposed, Lord Holland (left) and Chatham (right), bust portraits, in peer's robes, the family likenesses to their sons, especially in the case of the Foxes, being stressed. Each holds a document: Holland, 'Unaccounted Millions' (he had been styled the public defaulter of unaccounted millions in the City petition of 1769, see BMSat 4296, &c, and cf. BMSat 8622); Chatham, 'Rewards of a Grateful Nation'. On the table is a portfolio of 'Studies from French Masters' from which protrude sketches inscribed 'From Robertspierre, from Tallien, from Marat'. (Cf. BMSat 8437, &c.) The wall, which forms a background, is covered with prints, &c. (left to right): [1] (partly visible) a dagger about to be plunged into a prostrate figure, inscribed '3d Sept [1792]', see BMSat 8122. [2] 'A Sketch for an English Directory', four members of the London Corresponding Society (see BMSat 9189, &c.) seated at a table, the chairman a butcher holding a frothing tankard. (The figures are not quite the grotesque denizens of the underworld represented in BMSat 9202.) [3] A framed half length portrait of Wilkes, squinting violently and clasping two large money-bags: 'Mr Chamberlain Wilkes ci-devant', 'Wilkes & Liberty' (see BMSat 6568); it is labelled: 'The Effect in this Picture to be copied as exact as possible'. [4] A profile in silhouette: 'Shadow of the Abbe Seyes' (see BMSat 9509). [5] A framed picture: 'view of the Windmill at Wimbleton' (from Horne Tooke's house, near Caesar's Camp). The two upper sails are 'Divinity' and 'Politicks', the lower 'Treason' and 'Atheism'. [6] A placard: 'just publish'd The Art of Political Painting, extracted from the works of the most celebrated Jacobin Professors - Pro bono publico.' [7] A bust of 'Machiavel', looking reflectively towards Horne Tooke. [8] Part of a landscape with a small house: 'Parsonage of Brentford' (cf. BMSat 4866, &c)."--British Museum online catalogue.
Associated Names:
Gillray, James, 1756-1815 [Printmaker]
Wright, J. 1770?-1844 [Publisher]
Fox, Charles James, 1749-1806
Holland, Henry Fox, Baron, 1705-1774
London Corresponding Society
Machiavelli, Bernardo, ca. 1426-1500
Pitt, William, 1759-1806
Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham, 1708-1778
Tooke, John Horne, 1736-1812
Wilkes, John, 1725-1797
Etchings -- England -- London -- 1798
Periodical illustrations -- England -- London -- 1798
Satires (Visual works) -- England -- 1798
Watermarks (Paper) -- 1798
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Prints & Photographs
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