The seizure or give the devil his due [graphic] : being No. I of a sett [sic] of political prints call'd The opposition, the publication of which will be regularly continued evry [sic] Tuesday by I. Williams next the Mitre Tavern, Fleet Street.

J. Williams
Physical Description:
1 print : etching with roulette on wove paper ; plate mark 22.5 x 37.1 cm, on sheet 25 x 39 cm
Title etched below image, between the verses.
Two images on one plate, each with caption title above.
Eight lines of verse under each image: With greater joy, his L- see, like Judas hanging on a tree ...
Temporary local subject terms: Laws & statutes: Cyder Act, 1763 -- Bute's resignation, April 8, 1763.
Subjects identified below plate mark in an unknown hand.
"Two-part satire on the resignation of Lord Bute, April 1763. On the left is a scene of execution, headed "Excise", with Bute, identified by his plaid waistcoat, hanging from an apple tree (referring to the Cider Bill), a devil sitting on the branch above him wears a large boot (a pun on Bute) on one leg, the other ending in a claw; two men below exult. In the centre a man (evidently another representation of Bute as he wears a large boot on one leg and on the other leg wears a garter lettered "Honi ..." as in the scene on the right) lies across a fire while another pumps a pair of bellows to fan the flames; three farmers standing behind the fire and another to the right rejoice at Bute's downfall. On the right, another devil reciting the proverb, "Harm watch, Harm catch", one leg ending in a hammer, sits on top of a gallows from which hangs a fox (Henry Fox) wighted down by money bags tied around his neck. On the right is a scene set in a grand interior, headed "Resignation, in which Princess Augusta sprawls weeping in a chair her breasts partly exposed while a devil delves into Bute's breeches as he drags him through a door through which flames and smoke can be seen, the Duke of Cumberland brandishes a sword in his right hand and pushes Bute with his left; he is encouraged by a nephew, Edward, Duke of York, at lower right, a lusty goat, one of whose hands is a claw, looks on with pleasure."--British Museum online catalogue.
Variant Titles:
Associated Names:
Williams, John, fl. 1760-1814 [Publisher]
Augusta, Princess of Wales, 1719-1772
Bute, John Stuart, Earl of, 1713-1792
Cumberland, William Augustus, Duke of, 1721-1765
Holland, Henry Fox, Baron, 1705-1774
York, Edward Augustus, Duke of, 1739-1767
Annotations (Provenance)
Etchings -- England -- London -- 1763
Satires (Visual works) -- England -- 1763
Watermarks (Paper)
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Prints & Photographs
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