Regardèz moi [graphic].

[publisher not identified]
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1 print : etching with aquatint, hand-colored ; sheet 29 x 38 cm
Title from text at bottom of image.
Printmaker and date of publication from British Museum catalogue.
Sheet trimmed within plate mark.
"Gaetan Vestris (right) giving a dancing lesson to a gigantic goose with a human head and long pigtail queue. They face each other in profile. Vestris stands with his legs together, chest thrown out, his arms curved. "Regardez-moi" was his characteristic admonition. On a stool behind the goose is an open book inscribed "Electrical E. E. L."; on the ground at its feet is another inscribed "The Torpedo. Dedicated to Ld------C------. My Lord, I take the Liberty------ The greatness of whose Parts are known. . ." . This indicates that the goose is Lord Cholmondeley (1749-1827), "The Torpedo, a Poem to the Electrical Eel addressed to Mr John Hunter Surgeon" and "Dedicated to . . . Lord Cholmondeley," 4th ed. 1777, was a coarse and scurrilous poem, three lines of which are, "What tho' Lord Ch--lm--d--ly may conceal A most enormous length of Eel Admir'd for Size and bone:"In the wall which forms the background are two sash-windows and a door (left) round which a grinning youth, probably a servant, is looking. On the wall are half length portraits: three in ovals of elderly ladies in profile, one of a clergyman, full-face, wearing a biretta, his left hand on a book. There is also a picture of Fox, with a fox's head, seated opposite Cholmondeley; they are throwing dice. Fox appears satisfied, the other clenches his fist and exclaims in anger. A devil is climbing on the top of the frame and holds out a claw to grab the head of Fox. On the picture are the words "A Nick by God". Like Fox, see BMSat 5972, Cholmondeley held a faro bank at Brooks's. G.E.C., 'Complete Peerage'."-- British Museum online catalogue.
Associated Names:
Gillray, James, 1756-1815 [Printmaker]
Auchincloss, Hugh Dudley
Cholmondeley, George James Cholmondeley, Marquess of, 1749-1827
Clothing & dress -- England -- 1780-1790
Fox, Charles James, 1749-1806
Harvey, Francis
Interiors -- England -- 18th century
Vestris, Gaëtan, 1729-1808
Etchings -- England -- 1781
Satires (Visual works) -- England -- 1781
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Prints & Photographs
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