Suitable restrictions [graphic].

Pubd. by S.W. Fores, No. 3 Piccadilly
Jany. 28, 1789
Physical Description:
1 print : etching on laid paper, hand-colored ; plate mark 23.2 x 34.6 cm, on sheet 25 x 36 cm
Title etched below image.
Attributed to Rowlandson by Grego.
Temporary local subject terms: Clerical hats: Jesuit's biretta -- Hats: Child's cushioned cap or 'pudding' -- Emblems: Prince of Wales's feathers -- Vehicles: go-cart -- Leading-strings -- Games: marbles -- Crowns -- George IV as a toddler -- Regency restrictions -- Regency crisis, 1788 -- Satire on children.
Old Print Shop ; October 1, 1959 ; Acquisitions no.: 959-10-1-205.
Watermark: fleur-de-lis on crowned shield with initials G R below.
"A game of marbles (taw, cf. BMSat 7393) for the crown is in progress; the Prince of Wales is dressed as a toddling child in petticoats but is larger in scale than the other figures; he leans towards Fox, Sheridan, and Burke (who are aiming at the crown) but is restrained by Pitt (right) who holds him in leading-strings, saying, "Hold, Not so fast Georgy". The Prince wears one of the cushioned caps ('puddings') then used to protect children's heads; in it are three feathers. The crown is at his feet, surrounded by a ring of marbles. Fox and Sheridan kneel side by side; Fox is about to play, saying, "My Game for a Crown". Sheridan, holding his marble, says, "Knuckle down and dont funck, [To funk = to advance the hand unfairly in playing marbles. Partridge, 'Dict. of Slang', 1937.] Charley". Burke stands behind them, leaning eagerly forward, saying, "My turn next Sherry". He wears a Jesuit's biretta (cf. BMSat 6026). Pitt, 'chapeau-bras', wears court dress. Behind the Prince is a circular stand on wheels for supporting a toddling child."--British museum online catalogue.
Associated Names:
Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827 [Printmaker]
Fores, S. W. [Publisher]
Auchincloss, Hugh Dudley
Burke, Edmund, 1729-1797
Fox, Charles James, 1749-1806
George IV, King of Great Britain, 1762-1830
Harvey, Francis
Pitt, William, 1759-1806
Regency -- Great Britain
Riviere & Son
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, 1751-1816
Etchings -- England -- London -- 1789
Satires (Visual works) -- England -- 1789
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Prints & Photographs
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