Bombario actionist en de geest van Esopus [graphic].

[publisher not identified]
Physical Description:
1 print : etching and engraving on laid paper ; sheet 17 x 11 cm
Title etched below image.
Title translation in the British Museum catalogue: Bombario the share jobber and the ghost of Esop.
Sheet trimmed within plate mark.
Plate numbered '1' within the image.
Earlier design burnished from plate and replaced with verse of this edition.
Two columns of verse at top of image on either side of the design: 1 Bombario treed in gesprek Met broer 2 Esopus Geest zy kaller ...
Temporary local subject terms: South Sea Bubble.
Alfred Bowditch Collection; December 1966; Acquisitions no.: 966-12-1-73.
Mounted to 26 x 19 cm.
"Satire on the financial crisis in 1720, the print is No.1 in a series of eight prints. A cartouche, enclosing a view of a tomb or monument before which stand Aesop, with a fox and holding a parrot and a pipe, and Bombario with a pedlar's tray holding a flask and allowing his hunchback to be used by a well-dressed man as a writing desk; a monkey plays on a pipe at his feet. On the tomb is an inscription 'Het na-geslecht zal dit/ Voor Fablen houwen/ En tot Esopus eer, een/ Graf naald bouwen' (Posterity will take this as a fable, and will build a tomb in honour of Aesop). The cartouche is supported by a satyr, whose name is given at the top on a ribbon as "Oorblasers Baas" (Chief of the Ear-blowers, or liars), his head peers over the top of the cartouche and he blows bubbles, some bearing images of ears; on his head is a basket with little figures of men and women who will appear in subsequent prints in the series. At the top of the cartouche are pan-pipes, on the left, and a hunting horn, on the right; at the bottom between the satyr's goat legs is the date, 1720."--British Museum online catalogue.
Dutch; Flemish
Engravings -- Netherlands -- 1720
Etchings -- Netherlands -- 1720
Satires (Visual works) -- Netherlands -- 1720
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