Liber Hebraicarum questionum in Genesim, etc.

Jerome, Saint, d. 419 or 20
Oxford (?),
[between 1250 and 1275]
Physical Description:
ff. ii + 222 + ii :
parchment ;
351 x 226 (230 x 142) mm.
Acquired from S. Harrison Thomson in 1969 as the gift of Edwin J. Beinecke.
In Latin.
Script: Part I (ff. 1-52): Written by a single scribe in small gothic textura. Part II (ff. 52-172): Written by two scribes in small gothic textura. Scribe 1) ff. 52r-160v; Scribe 2) ff. 161r-172v. Part III (ff. 173-200): Written by one scribe in small gothic textura. Numerous annotations in several contemporary and later hands. Part IV (ff. 201-222): Written by a single scribe in bold gothic textura.
Part I: Spaces left for initials (5- to 1-line). Rubrics and running titles in red. Guide-letters and notes to rubricator, the latter along outer edges of most margins except inner. Part II: Spaces for initials, 6- to 3-line, left blank, with guide-letters in red. Initials within text stroked with red. Headings and some spiral line-fillers in red (lacking in ff. 161-172, final quire). Part III: 6-line initial, f. 173r, divided red and blue with penwork in the same colors; other initials, 3- to 1-line, in blue with red penwork or vice versa. Running titles in alternating red and blue versals. Headings in red. Guide-letters and notes to rubricator in most margins. Part IV: 3-line initial, f. 201r, red with blue penwork; 2-line initials red with blue or vice versa. Guide-letters still visible. Running titles in alternating red and blue versals. Headings in red.
Binding: 14th century. Apparently bound in England before arriving in Italy. Original sewing, wound and caught up, on five tawed skin, slit strap supports laced through tunnels in the edge to the outside of oak boards, laid in channels and pegged with rectangular pegs. The spine is square with no trace of adhesive. Quarter covered with vellum or tawed skin nailed along the edge. The boards are broken, the sewing breaking and most of the cover wanting; the boards were repaired in the 18th or 19th century when presumably the front flyleaf and pastedown from a document, in Italian, listing sale agreements made during 1650-52, were added.
Manuscript on parchment (well prepared, but with holes and end pieces) in four parts. Part I: 1) Jerome, Liber Hebraicarum questionum in Genesim. 2) Jerome, Epistola LXXVIII. 3) Jerome, Liber de situ et nominibus locorum hebraicorum. 4) Jerome, Liber interpretationis hebraicorum nominum. 5) Abbreviated version of Jerome, Liber interpretationis hebraicorum nominum, De psalterio. 6) Greek alphabet, from alpha to omega; b) three systems of numbers: Roman numerals, Greek numbers transliterated into Roman letters, letters of the Greek alphabet. 7) Note diuine legi necessarie. Artt. 8-13: Commentaries by Pseudo-Jerome. Artt. 14-17: unidentified commentaries. 18) Unidentified lapidary. 19) De mensuris. 20) Part of a letter of Innocent III (dated 1142) concerning the disputed election at York of St. William Fitzherbert. Part II: 21) Rabanus Maurus, De universo, ending defectively in Book 19, ch. 8, sect. B. Part III: 22) Ambrose, Exameron. Part IV: 23) Eustathius, In Hexaemeron S. Basilii latina translatio.
Cosmography--Early works to 1800
Manuscripts, Medieval--Connecticut--New Haven
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Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan, -397
Eustathius, of Antioch, Saint, d. ca. 337
Innocent III, Pope, 1160 or 61-1216
Jerome,--Saint,--d. 419 or 20
Rabanus Maurus, Archbishop of Mainz, 784?-856
Manuscripts, Medieval--England--13th century
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Beinecke MS 322
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Beinecke Library
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General Collection, BRBL, Yale University
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Shailor, B. Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library,
MS 322.
Jerome, Liber Hebraicarum Questionum in Genesim, etc. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.
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Complete work digitized.

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