De re uxoria, etc.

Barbaro, Francesco, 1390-1454
Bruni, Leonardo, 1369-1444
Decembrio, Pier Candido, 1399-1477
1435, 1436
Physical Description:
ff. i + 64 + i : parchment ; 212 x 142 (142 x 76) mm.
Script: Written in humanistic bookhand by a single scribe, above top line.
Illuminated initial of poor quality, f. 1r, 7-line, gold (almost completely rubbed), with red penwork filigree and small stylized leaves, with some touches of gold. At the top of the page, beneath rubric, arms of the Rustichelli family (per pale, or, a lion rampant sable; or, 4 bars nebuly sable), surrounded by red penwork. Plain initials in red and blue. Headings in red. Some small initials touched with yellow. Off-set impression of eyeglasses on ff. 33v-34r.
Binding: 19th-20th centuries, Germany (?). Case bound with leaves from a parchment manuscript (Breviary, France, 1250-1300). On the front pastedown: rubrics for the major feasts and their octaves occurring in late June (John the Baptist, 24 June) through mid-August (Assumption, 15 August), and the beginning of the lessons to be read within the octave of the feast of John the Baptist; on the back pastedown: end of the lessons for Hilarianus of Arezzo (7 August) and beginning of the second lesson for Cyriacus, Largus and Smaragdus (8 August).
Purchased in 1957 from H. P. Kraus by L. C. Witten, who sold it in 1959 to Thomas E. Marston.
Manuscript on parchment (palimpsest) of 1) Francesco Barbaro, De re uxoria, with his dedicatory preface to Lorenzo di Giovanni de' Medici. 2) Leonardo Bruni, Oratio Heliogabali ad meretrices. 3) Plato, Crito, the first version of the Latin translation by Leonardo Bruni (1420s). 4) Xenophon, Apologia Socratis, translated into Latin by Leonardo Bruni. 5) The ps.-Virgilian Epistola Virgilii ad Maecenatem written by Pier Candido Decembrio as a young man in 1426; he had difficulty convincing his contemporaries that it was not genuine.
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Marston MS 250
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Beinecke Library
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General Collection, BRBL, Yale University
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Shailor, B. Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Marston MS 250.
Francesco Barbaro, De Re Uxoria, etc. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.
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Complete work digitized.

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