Sermons, excerpts and treatises; St. John Chrysostom; etc.

Venice; Northern France or Flanders,
1454-1459; [between 1450 and 1500]
Physical Description:
ff. iii + 180 + iii : paper ; 200 x 140 mm.
Script: Part I: Copied by one hand in small Gothica Hybrida Currens. Some additions in a larger and more formal handwriting. Marginal captions. The scribe is Iohannes de Lovanio (John of Louvain), called (de) Dynen, lector in the convent of the Hermits of St. Augustine in Venice. Part II: Copied by the priest Jean Frassent in Gothica Cursiva Formata (Bastarda), which is less carefully executed on the final pages. Calligraphic extensions at the ascenders on the top line.
Part I: Underlining and plain initials. Headings underlined or framed or written in red. Framed running headlines on the pages where a new article begins. Part II: Headings, heightening of the majuscules, and red 2-line plain initials in art. 41. The heightening is continued up to f. 137v, but the initials have not been executed from art. 42 onwards. Guide letters for all initials.
Binding: Contemporary Northern French or Flemish binding, which no doubt was made for Part II and rebacked when Part I was added: blind-tooled brown calfskin over bevelled wooden boards; the decoration consists of frames and a lozenge pattern traced in triple fillets, the lozenges filled with three tools: a rose, an acorn motif and a standing figure (?). Remnants of two clasps attached to the rear cover, with engraved brass catches on the front cover. On the 19th-century (?) spine the gold-tooled inscriptions “SERMONES” / and “IOANNES / CHRYSOSTOMUS”.
There is a contemporary foliation in red ink in arabic numerals in the middle of the upper margins of the recto pages, which coincides with the modern foliation up to f. 86; ff. “87”-“88” of the contemporary foliation are missing; the latter continues from “89” (= f. 87) to “113” (= f. 111). There are traces of a still earlier foliation, also in the center of the upper margins, which has been erased and appears to run from “70” (= f.1) to “159” (= f. 90, “156” and “157” being the missing leaves).
Manuscript on paper, composed of two independant sections. Part I (ff. 1r-121v): Sermons, excerpts and treatises. With works by Thomas de Hibernia and Albertus de Padua. Part II (ff.122r-180v): Works by St. John Chrysostom; with a treatise on temptations and special Mass prayers.
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John Chrysostom,--Saint,--d. 407
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Beinecke MS 863
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Beinecke Library
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General Collection, BRBL, Yale University
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Sermons, Excerpts and Treatises; St. John Chrysostom; etc. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.
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Complete work digitized.

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