Ascetic and devotional treatises; Life of St. John Calybita; Italian poetry in praise of the Virgin

Northern Italy
[between 1400 and 1500]
Physical Description:
ff. ii + 104 + ii : paper ; 135 x 95 mm.
Script: Copied by two similar hands: A, writing a rapid Southern Gothica Textualis Libraria, copied ff. 2r-56v and 69r-104v; B, writing a more formal version of the same script, under slight Humanistic influence, copied ff. 57r-68v. The Latin of both scribes is very defective.
Red headings and paragraph marks. 2-line red and blue plain initials, with guide letters.
Binding: the two covers and the spine are covered with a fragment from a large Italian choirbook in Southern Gothica Textualis Formata; parts of two 4-line red staves with notation in Nota Quadrata and two lines of text are preserved.
Second preliminary leaf included in foliation.
Manuscript on paper containing 1) Ps.-Augustinus Hipponensis (Pseudo-Augustine), Manuale (preface and chapters 1-24). 2) Pseudo-Augustine, Soliloquia animae ad Deum, large final part of chapter 2. 3) Arnulphus de Boeriis (ca. 1200 (?), Ps.-Bernardus Claraevallensis), Speculum monachorum. 4) Ps.-Bernardus Claraevallensis, Sermo de vita et passione Domini. 5) Vita S. Iohannis Calybitae or Vita S. Iohannis monachi. 6) Flores ex operibus S. Bernardi de dignitate et excellentia beatae virginis Mariae. 7) Bernardus Claraevallensis (Bernard of Clairvaux, 1090-1153), Epistola 111, written in the name of the monk Elias to the latter's parents. 8) Ps.-Bernardus Claraevallensis, Contemplationes de passione Domini secundum septem horas canonicas. 9) Ps.-Bernardus Claraevallensis, Formula honestae vitae. 10) Ps.-Bernardus Claraevallensis, Octo puncta perfectionis assequendae. 11) Ps.-Bernardus Claraevallensis, Varia et brevia documenta pie seu religiose vivendi. 12) Bonaventura OFM (1221-1274), Regula novitiorum, 3. 13) Bonaventura, Regula novitiorum, 4.1-3. 14) Matthaeus de Cracovia (c. 1335-1410; Ps.-Thomas de Aquino, Ps.-Bonaventura; here ascribed to Iohannes de Capistrano OFM, 1386-1456), De modo confitendi et de puritate conscientiae (Speculum munditiae). 15) F. Carboni, Incipitario della lirica italiana dei secoli XIII e XIV, v. 1, Studi e Testi, v. 277 (Vatican City, 1977), 863. 16) Carboni 212. 17) Carboni 96. 18) Religious poems in Venetian dialect. 19) Lamentatio Virginis Mariae ad Crucem, attributed to Philippus de Grevia (Philippus Cancellarius, Philippe de Grè€ve, d. 1236). 20) Zeno Veronensis (d. before 380), Tractatus, 21) Moral sentences and quotations by or ascribed to St. Bernard of Clairvaux. 22) Ps.-Bernardus Claraevallensis, Sermo 12.
Christian hagiography
Christian poetry, Italian
Devotional literature, Latin (Medieval and modern)
Manuscripts, Medieval--Connecticut--New Haven
Manuscripts, Medieval--Italy--15th century
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint--Devotion to
Manuscript waste (Binding)
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Archives or Manuscripts
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Beinecke MS 862
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Beinecke Library
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General Collection, BRBL, Yale University
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Ascetic and Devotional Treatises; Life of St. John Calybita; Italian Poetry in Praise of the Virgin. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.
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Complete work digitized.

Number of Pages: 221
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