Book of Hours, in Dutch

The Netherlands
s. XV
Physical Description:
2 l.
185 x 150 mm.
On parchment. Folios not in sequence
f. 1r-v // die herten der apostelen een nuwe teyken der heilicheit. Opdat in hoerre alre monde soude voertcomen manieren van allen tonghen. Alleluya. Veers. Dat godlike vuer was toecomende [= Advenit ignis divinus]. Antiphona. Glorie si den Vader ... dat in horen monden gheboren worden manieren van allen tonghen. Alleluya. Te Deum. Di, God, loven wi, di, Here, belien wi. Al eertrike eert di, ewighe Vader ... in die glorie dijns Vaders. Men gelovet //
Pentecost. The "Te Deum" is in the Dutch translation of Geert Groote, N. Van Wijk, ed., Het Getijdenboek van Geert Grote (Leiden, 1940), p. 42.
f. 2r-v //ne, ende mijn sonde is altoes tegen mi. Di allene heb ic ghesondicht ... Heer, lucke op mine lippen, ende mijn mont sal voertkundigen dijn lof. Want // [to be identified]
Ruled with blue ink for one column of 19 lines below top line (type 13, 86 x 63 mm.).
Written in Northern Gothica Textualis Formata.
The majuscules are heightened in red. 1-line flourished initials in alternately gold with blue and blue with red penwork. At the opening of "Te Deum" 2-line dentelle initial with bar in gold, red and blue in the left margin ending in tendrils with gold balls and leaves in the upper and lower margins.
Books of hours
Dutch; Flemish
Decorated initials
fragments (AAT)
Manuscripts, Medieval
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Archives or Manuscripts
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The Osborn Collection
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The Osborn collection of 12 fragments of illuminated manuscripts from the 14th to the 16th century
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Beinecke MS 525.12
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Beinecke Library
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James Marshall and Marie-Louise Osborn Collection
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No. 12
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Complete work digitized.

Number of Pages: 4
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