De oratore, Pro Milone, Pro Ligario

Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Physical Description:
ff. i + 152 + i : paper ; 220 x 147 (140 x 95) mm.
Watermarks: Briquet Echelle 5904, Briquet Fleur 6306, and similar to Briquet Ciseaux 3668.
Script: Written in a neat upright humanistic cursive by a single scribe.
Partial border, f. 1r, white vine-stem ornament on blue, green and pink ground with white and pale yellow dots. At the terminals, gold balls with hair-line extensions. Illuminated initial, 4-line, gold on blue, green and red ground as above joined to the border. In lower margin, wreathed medallion for arms (drawn with a compass), blank. Five smaller initials, 4- and 3-line, gold on blue, green and red rectangular grounds with white or pale yellow filigree and white dots. Headings and colophons in red.
Binding: Fifteenth century, Italy. Stays cut from parchment manuscripts (text washed) inside the quires and also outside the first two. Original sewing on three tawed skin, slit straps attached to wooden boards. Beaded, chevron, natural, pink, and green endbands are sewn on tawed skin cores. Covered in dark brown calf with narrow corner tongues and blind- tooled with two circles and corners of rope interlace in a central panel with concentric frames, one with beaded zigzag ribbon tools similar to those on Marston MSS 38 and 68, and gilt annular dots. Spine: double fillets at head and tail and outlining the bands; panels diapered with double fillets. Two fastenings, the catches on the lower board; the straps and clasps probably later additions.
Collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps (no. 2814). Passed from the collection of Giuseppe (Joseph) Martini to H. P. Kraus, who sold it to Thomas E. Marston in 1955.
Manuscript on paper (coarse; remains of deckle edges) of 1) Cicero, De oratore I-III. 2) Cicero, Pro T. Annio Milone. 3) Cicero, Pro Q. Ligario.
Illumination of books and manuscripts, Medieval
Manuscripts, Medieval--Connecticut--New Haven
Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Beinecke Library
Speeches, addresses, etc., Latin
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Archives or Manuscripts
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Marston MS 39
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Yale Collection:
Beinecke Library
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General Collection, BRBL, Yale University
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Shailor, B. Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Marston MS 39.
Cicero, De oratore, Pro Milone, Pro Ligario. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.
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Complete work digitized.

Number of Pages: 316
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