Opusculum de vitiis

Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Northern Italy
between 1400 and 1425
Physical Description:
ff. 142 : paper ; 220 x 150 mm.
Manuscript on paper of assorted works by Cicero with additional texts. Written by two scribes: A copied artt. 1, 2 and 4 in Italian Gothica Hybrida or Semihybrida Libraria and art. 5 in Italian Gothica Semihybrida Currens; this scribe seems to be the PA mentioned in the colophon on f. 7v (art. 1) and again at the end of the treatise De gula on f. 39v (art. 5). B copied art. 3 in a bold Southern Gothica Textualis Libraria/Formata with numerous decorative hairlines.
Collection of A.R.A. Hobson, London. Purchased from Laurence Witten on the Edwin J. Beinecke Fund, 1984.
Art. 3 (quires II-VI) is the original part, to which the other ones were added. The frequent use of ternions as regular quire form is noteworthy.
Watermarks: 1) Human bust, var. Briquet 15599?. 2) Balance, var. Piccard, Waage 1.78?. (3) Crown, unidentified?.
Red paragraph marks. Art. 3 has yellow heightening of the majuscules, a 2-line and a 3-line flourished initial in red, blue and yellow. In art. 1 the majuscules are heightened in red; there are plain red initials in art. 5, but its decoration is not consistent.
Binding: Damaged original binding in deerskin over heavy almost unbevelled wooden boards. Parchment pastedowns, the front one detached from the board. On the front cover inscription in large Southern Gothica Textualis Formata, worn and difficult to decipher. On the spine a 17th-century paper label with the number 2760 and the title Huma (?)......Marci Tulii de amicitia manu scripta. Marks of two leather straps fixed to the front cover, the pin holes visible in the rear cover.
Cite as: Marcus Tullius Cicero, Opusculum de vitiis. General Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.
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Cicero, Marcus Tullius
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