Six classes of that noble and useful animal a horse [graphic] / Rowlandson del.

By Thos. Tegg, No. 111 Cheapside
[not before 10 October 1811]
Physical Description:
1 print : etching on wove paper, hand-colored ; plate mark 35 x 24.9 cm, on sheet 41.8 x 25.6 cm
Title etched below image.
Later state, with first half of imprint statement burnished from plate.
Date of publication based on complete imprint on earlier state: Pubd. October 10th, 1811, by Thos. Tegg, No. 111 Cheapside. Cf. No. 11812 in the Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum. Division I, political and personal satires, v. 9.
Plate numbered "95" in upper left corner.
Plate from: Woodward, G.M. Caricature magazine, or Hudibrastic mirror. London : Thomas Tegg, [1808?], v. 2.
"Price one shilling cold."
Cf. Grego, J. Rowlandson the caricaturist, v. 2, page 214.
Myers; May 1942.
Bound in the set of five volumes, formerly owned by Henry Arthur Johnstone. Binding: red morocco with his initials stamped in gold on the front cover in a shield with crossed swords and three floral stamps above and one below; also four floral stamps on spine with volume number and spine title in gold: The caricature magazine. Leather endpapers with his ex libris blind stamped on front flyleaf -- a boat with large sail, with a cutout in the shape of the sun in upper left.
Leaf 86 in volume 2.
"A design in six compartments arranged as in British Museum Satires No. 11811. 'The Race Horse': a jockey stands at the animal's head, his saddle on the ground beside him. 'The War Horse': a hussar, sword in hand, rides a rearing horse over the prostrate body of an officer. A battle is indicated in the background. 'The Shooting Poney': a stout man fires from the back of a sturdy cob, the reins lying on its neck; two dogs run forward. 'The Hunter': a huntsman leaps a rustic fence, waving his cap; he is close behind the hounds. 'The Gig Horse': a tall sturdy animal stands in the shafts of a light two-wheeled gig, on high springs. The driver stands at his head with a dog. 'The Draught Horse': a sturdy animal draws a two-wheeled cart heaped with sacks; a carter runs beside, leading the horse."--British Museum online catalogue, description of an earlier state.
Associated Names:
Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827 [Printmaker]
Tegg, Thomas, 1776-1845 [Publisher]
Johnstone, Henry Arthur
Etchings -- England -- London -- 1811
Satires (Visual works) -- England -- 1811
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Prints & Photographs
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Caricature magazine, or, Hudibrastic mirror
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Folio 75 W87 807 v.2
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Lewis Walpole Library
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