The hopes of the party, prior to July 14th [graphic] : "from such wicked Crown & Anchor-dreams, good Lord, deliver us".

Pubd. July 19th, 1791, by S.W. Fores, No. 3 Piccadilly
[19 July 1791]
Physical Description:
1 print : etching on wove paper, hand-colored ; plate mark 37 x 52 cm, on sheet 40 x 54 cm
Title from caption below image.
Printmaker from British Museum catalogue.
Plate numbered "57" in upper right corner.
Restrike for Bohn's "Supressed plates". Cf. no. 7892 in the Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum. Division I, political and personal satires, v. 6.
On same sheet, verso: Alecto and her train at the gate of Pandaemonium ...
Gift: E.G. Creamer; December 1970; Acquisitions no.: 970-12-25-1.
Printed 1851.
On sheet with one other print. To view other title, search by call number: 791.
"A scaffold extends across the foreground: Fox raises an axe to strike the neck of George III, whose head is held by Sheridan. The scaffold is surrounded by a dense and cheering mob. On the right is the gate of the 'Crown & Anchor' tavern, and from two projecting lamp-brackets swing the bodies of Queen Charlotte and Pitt. The houses of the Strand recede in perspective and terminate in Temple Bar, with two heads on spikes; clouds of smoke appear to come from burning houses east of Temple Bar. On the clouds a meretricious Liberty sits enthroned and triumphant. The King's neck rests on a narrow block, his shaved head appears bald, his legs are held up by Horne Tooke, who stands on the left, saying: "O, such a day as this, so renown'd so victorious, Such a day as this was never seen Revolutionists so gay; - while Aristocrats notorious, Tremble at the universal glee." From Tooke's pocket projects a paper: 'Petition of Horne Tooke' (against the return of Fox and Hood for Westminster, see BMSat 7690). The King, who supports himself on his hands, says, "What! What! What! - what's the matter now". Fox, enormously stout, straddles behind the King, full face his axe raised in both hands; he wears a mask with large circular eye-holes and fox's ears; he says: "Zounds! what the devil is it that puts me into such a hell of a Funk? - damn it, it is but giving one good blow, & all is settled! - but what if I should miss my aim! - ah! it's the fear of that which makes me stink so! - & yet, damnation! what should I be afraid of? if I should not succeed, why nobody can find me out in this Mask, any more than the Man who chop'd the Calf's-head off, a Hundred & Forty Years ago - and so here goes!" Sheridan kneels in profile to the left holding the King by the ear and nose, he looks up at Fox with a sinister scowl, saying, "Hell & Damnation, dont be afraid give a home stroke, & then throw off the Mask - Zounds, I wish I had hold of the Hatchet." Priestley, behind Sheridan, leans towards the King, saying, "Don't be alarmed at your situation, my dear Brother; we must all dye once; and, therefore what does it signify whether we dye today or tomorrow - in fact, a Man ought to be glad of the opportunity of dying, if by that means he can serve his Country, in bringing about a glorious Revolution: - & as to your Soul, or any thing after death don't trouble yourself about that; depend on it, the Idea of a future state, is all an imposition: & as every thing here is vanity & vexation of spirit, you should therefore rejoice at the moment which will render you easy & quiet". He holds a paper: 'Priestley on a Future State'. Sir Cecil Wray stands with his right hand on Sheridan's shoulder, saying, "Here do give me a little room Joseph that I may be in readiness to catch the droppings of the Small Beer when it is tapp'd; I never can bear to see the Small Beer wasted Joseph!" He holds in his left hand a small cask, 'For Small Beer', and a large pipe; in his pocket is a paper: 'Plan of Chelsea Hospital by Sir Ceci[l] Wray'. The Queen is cruelly caricatured; she swings against Pitt, who is in a death agony with crisped fingers."--British Museum online catalogue.
Associated Names:
Gillray, James, 1756-1815 [Printmaker]
Bohn, Henry G. 1796-1884 [Publisher]
Charlotte, Queen, consort of George III, King of Great Britain, 1744-1818
Fox, Charles James, 1749-1806
George III, King of Great Britain, 1738-1820
Pitt, William, 1759-1806
Priestley, Jos
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, 1751-1816
Tooke, John Horne, 1736-1812
Etchings -- England -- London -- 1851
Satires (Visual works) -- England -- 1791
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