Portrait No. 19

Lam Qua, 1801-1860
Physical Description:
61 cm. x 47 cm.
Framed, oil on board
Woman, elegantly dressed and coiffed, holding her daughter. Gangrene of feet.
Fourteenth Report, Chinese Repository, vol. 17, 1848, p.141-142: No 23944, 8th March 1847. Loss of both feet at the ankle, from compression. Lúh Akwang, an interesting little girl of Honan, 7 years of age. On the 9th of Feb, agreeably to a custom that has prevailed in China for thousands of years, the bandages were applied “à la mode” to her feet, occasioning her excessive sufferings, which after the lapse of a fortnight became unsupportable, and the parents were reluctantly compelled to remove the bandages, when, as the father represented, the toes were found discolored. Gangrene has commenced and when she was brought to the Hospital on the 8th of March it has extended to the whole foot. The line of demarcation formed at the ankles, and both feet were perfectly black, shriveled and dry, and nearly ready to drop off at the ankle joint. The left foot separated in a few days after, and within about ten days, the right also, leaving the stumps healthy, the granulation rapidly covering the bone and new skin forming at the edges. The friend preferring it, notwithstanding advice to the contrary, they were furnished with the necessary dressings, and the child treated at home, being brought occasionally to the hospital. The last time she was seen, the right stump had nearly healed over, the other was less advanced in the healing process. Since the occurrence of this case, I have heard, on good authority, of several others similar, a painful comment upon the cruelty of this custom to which millions in China have been subject during many centuries past.
Donated by Peter Parker to the Yale School of Medicine and transferred to the Historical Library.
Variant Titles:
Lúh Akwang
Medicine, Chinese
Missions and Missionaries
Missions, Medical
Case No. 23944
Lúh Akwang
Parker, Peter, 1804-1888
paintings (AAT)
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Paintings & Drawings
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