Portrait No. 54

Lam Qua, 1801-1860
Physical Description:
61 cm. x 47 cm.
Framed, oil on board
Man with a growth on his right shoulder.
Fourteenth report, Chinese Repository, vol. 17, 1848, p.143-144: No 25870, October 4th, 1847, I selected for its first trial a Chinese, a robust farmer, forty-nine years old of the district of Heo Shan, who had a steatomatous tumor, situated in the right axilla, but distinct from the glands and nearly the size of his head. He was placed upon the operation table, in a sitting posture, ready to be laid down. He was then directed to inhale deliberately with full inspirations the Ether from Dr. Jackson’s apparatus. I had hold of the right arm with one hand and the other behind him, ready to lay him gently down. In forty-three seconds the muscles of his arm suddenly relaxed and he ceased simultaneously to inhale the ether and in a state of insensibility he was laid back upon the table his head being still elevated. His pulse was quickened, and the eyes assumed a dull and vacant appearance. The tumor was then extirpated by Kwan-Taou, my Senior Pupil, and three arteries tied in four minutes. There was not the slightest apparent consciousness during this part of the operation. As there was considerable oozing of blood, cold water was applied and the wound exposed to the atmosphere for ten or eight minutes, before proceeding to apply sutures. By this time the effects of the ether upon the system had begun to subside, and the patient gave signs of sensibility to the prick of the needle (…), and after the wound was dressed and the patient placed in bed, he complained of the tightness of sutures, but had no recollection of the incisions during the operation.
Donated by Peter Parker to the Yale School of Medicine and transferred to the Historical Library.
Medicine, Chinese
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Missions, Medical
Case No. 25870
Parker, Peter, 1804-1888
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