Portrait No. 71

Lam Qua, 1801-1860
Physical Description:
61 cm. x 47 cm.
Framed, oil on board
Man with a massive tumor of the left chest wall.
Eighth Report, Chinese Repository, vol. 7, 1838-1839, p. 99-102: No. 5119, April 11th, 1838. Large tumor. Woo Kinshing, aged 49, a fisherman from Shihszetow, near the Bogue, ten years since had a small tumor, just below the clavicle on the left side. It had now attained a great magnitude resembling in figure a tenor viol. Superiorly it extended over the shoulder to the spine of the scapula and from the acromion process to the trachea, and from the axilla to the sternum, and as low as the breast, carrying that gland down before it. The circumference at the base was three feet three inches! (…) It was very vascular, especially the upper portion of it, which was in an inflamed and an ulcerated state, and the principal vein that returned the blood of the tumor – near the clavicle – when distended with blood from a pressure upon it, was apparently half an inch diameter. There was a deep longitudinal fissure, and ulcers at several points, from which there was a constant discharge, of blood, lymph and pus. The weight of it had become extremely burdensome, and several times a day the patient experienced severe paroxysms of pain, causing him to groan aloud, at which times he had laid the tumor upon the floor, and reclined himself upon it. In this position he spent the principal part of his time day and night.
His countenance and furrowed brow expressed unequivocally the calamity he suffered. His friends were much delighted on being told that it probably could be removed with safety but the old man (49?!), had been too long accustomed to expressions of suffering to yield to those of joy, and in his feeble condition was less sanguine probably in the feasibility to separating him from his old companion. He desired to return to his family for a few days previous to residing in the hospital (…). On the 23rd of April he returned. Having undergone half a month’s preparatory treatment, on the 2nd of May, assisted as usual in cases of magnitude, by Messrs Cox and Jardine, and several other friends, the operation was performed.
(…) He soon revived and the tumor was immediately after laid upon the floor (…) The tumor consisted of an almost cartilaginous mass, and at points it was firmly united by a tendinous band, nearly ossified in some places, and was of a very white color. And it was estimated by the best judges that the loss of blood was about two pounds. On the 19th of June the old gentleman was discharged in perfect health, forming a great contrast with his former emaciated appearance.
Donated by Peter Parker to the Yale School of Medicine and transferred to the Historical Library.
Variant Titles:
Woo Kinshing
Medicine, Chinese
Missions and Missionaries
Missions, Medical
Case No. 5111
Parker, Peter, 1804-1888
Woo Kinshing
paintings (AAT)
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Paintings & Drawings
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