Portrait No. 49

Lam Qua, 1801-1860
Physical Description:
61 cm. x 47 cm.
Framed, oil on board
Man with a huge lobulated tumor of the face and head. Satellite lesions on his left chest.
Eighth Report, Chinese Repository, vol. 7, May 1838 – May 1839, p. 102-103: No. 5119, Tumor of the skin. Wang Waekae of Kaouyaou, aged 45, a man of doubtful character had numerous small tumors of the skin, of a light flesh color and a smooth shining surface, situated about the arms, breast and neck. In the latter position one had attained a great size, hanging pendulous from his left ear, to which it was attached by a peduncle of two inches diameter, to an almost immovable base formed by a similar disease of the skin, an inch thick, extending over the mastoid process and upwards and backwards over five or six square inches. Both the base and the pendulous portion were traversed by small ducts, discharging fetid pus at the surface. The patient expressed a wish to have the large mass removed, but was impatient of the other were touched. Considering the age of the man it seemed inexpedient to remove the firm base, but it was easy to extinct the unsightly jewel that hung dangling upon his breast, impeding his labor. His wishes were compiled with. On the 23rd May the operation was performed in a very short time. In the center of the neck of the tumor, was a cluster of small arteries, eight of which required a ligature. (…) The tumor weighed four pounds. (…) The singular appearance of this man excited strong suspicions, particularly with his countrymen that he might belong to a band of ruffians. His eyes were usually fixed upon the ground, his manners were most forbidding, and his answers to questions brief as possible. He bore with great impatience the necessary dressings upon the tumor, and repeatedly removed them at his option against the strictest injunctions, and was daily restless to be away though he was provided with things necessary for his comfort. On the tenth day the ligatures came away, soon after the patient disappeared and has not been heard of since. The manner of his absconding () strengthens the suspicions that he was a bad man, and but little accustomed to the civilities he received and witnesses at the hospital.
Donated by Peter Parker to the Yale School of Medicine and transferred to the Historical Library.
Variant Titles:
Wang Waekae
Medicine, Chinese
Missions and Missionaries
Missions, Medical
Case No. 5119
Parker, Peter, 1804-1888
Wang Waekae
paintings (AAT)
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Paintings & Drawings
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