Portrait No. 10

Lam Qua, 1801-1860
Physical Description:
61 cm. x 47 cm.
Framed, oil on board
Woman seated in a Western-style char wearing unusual hat. Tumor on left breast.
Sixteenth Report of the Ophthalmic Hospital for the Year 1850 and 1851, printed at the office of the Chinese Repository. p. 20: No. 35181, March 25th, 1850. Steatomatous tumor, nineteen and a half inches in circumference. Lí Shí, aged 43, of the district of Pwanyü, had a steatomatous tumor, which seventeen years since commenced just above the clavicle of the left side. When she presented herself at the Hospital, it had attained the abovementioned dimensions, and hung pendulous down into the axilla and over the breast, descending nearly to a level with the umbilicus. Its surface was traversed by large veins, and in several instances there had been copious hemorrhage from superficial ulcerations in the most pendent portion. On the 10th April half a drachm of chloroform was administered, and in less than two minutes she was perfectly insensible, when the tumor was extirpated in two minutes. It weighed 2 ¾ lbs. (…) Having eaten a hearty breakfast, the patient rejected it soon after the tumor was removed. She readily recovered from the effect of the chloroform, and uttered her “many thanks to Jesus and her (?) Father in Heaven”. Before the operation she expressed a determination to put her trust in Christ should she survive the operation. She was a woman of great natural loveliness of character, and seemed much interested in the Gospel during her abode in the Hospital. In three weeks she was perfectly well. Her kind and devoted husband stood at her head as she lay upon the table during the operation, and as he witnessed her deathlike appearance while insensible, he was the impersonation of grief, but this was momentary; as she revived, it was difficult to say which of them was the happiest.
Donated by Peter Parker to the Yale School of Medicine and transferred to the Historical Library.
Variant Titles:
Lí Shí
Breast Cancer
Breast Neoplasms
Medicine, Chinese
Missions and Missionaries
Missions, Medical
Case No. 35181
Lí Shí
Parker, Peter, 1804-1888
paintings (AAT)
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Paintings & Drawings
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