Westminster-conscripts under the Training Act [graphic] / Js. Gillray fect.

Gillray, James, 1756-1815, printmaker.
Physical Description:
1 print : etching with stipple on wove paper, hand-colored ; plate mark 25.9 x 36.5 cm, on sheet 35 x 44 cm
Title etched at top of image.
Series of mocking military are etched below image and correspond with figures in the design: Drill-Serjeant [Napolean], Constable of the Corps [Talleyrand-Périgord], Grand Double-Drums [Fox], Flugel Man [Grenville], Corporal & Conscripts [remaining figures].
"A satire on the peace negotiations and on Windham's Training Act. The scene is outside the 'Treasury', the lower part of its façade forming the background. Ministers and their supporters as 'Corporal and Conscripts' obey the orders of their 'Drill-Serjeant' Napoleon, who stands on the extreme left., his jack-boots firmly planted on cannon-balls him height. He extends his sword with an arrogant gesture, and fiercely orders: "Ground - Arms!" Next him, and in back view, but looking up at him, is Fox seated in an invalid's wheeled chair on the back of which are the coronet and feathers of the Prince of Wales. He is 'Grand Double Drums' and is vigorously beating a pair of kettle-drums, one inscribed 'GR' and crown, the other 'N' and crown. He wears a dressing-gown and bonnet rouge, and his enormously distended legs are straddled outside his drums. On Fox's r. is the 'Flugel Man', Grenville, going through the movement as a pattern to the other privates. He kneels on the left knee and grounds his musket, putting up his hand to shield his eyes; his bayonet is broken, as is its sheath. The 'Corporal & Conscripts' drawn up (r.) facing Napoleon attempt the movement with extreme awkwardness and obsequious haste, not excepting Windham the corporal, the end man (r.) of the front rank. Next him is Lord Holland, on both knees, with an amiable smile. Then Sheridan, very bulky and awkward, but unlike the others directing his musket towards Napoleon. Petty, on both knees, flings down his musket with an obsequious gesture. Next him Lord Temple grovels displaying spherical posteriors. Next, at the end of the line, and close to the gate of the Treasury, kneels Erskine, in wig and gown, raising his hat. In the second rank, behind Windham, is Howick, First Lord, deferentially raising a naval cocked hat; Sidmouth staggers back, throwing up his arms and dropping his musket which lands on his face. Next are Spencer, clumsily lifting his musket, and Ellenborough in wig and gown, with a blunderbuss which he seems about to dash violently on the ground. Behind him is Moira, stiff and tall, in uniform with cocked hat, holding up a musket exploding at lock and barrel. Behind and in shadow are (l. to r.) St. Vincent, Hanger, and the Duke of Clarence, all holding up the muskets which the next rank prevents them from grounding. Most of the 'conscripts' wear civilian dress with crossed bandoleers, and are in most unsoldierly confusion. By the Treasury gate and facing Erskine stands the 'Constable of the Corps', Talleyrand, holding a long constable's staff, crowned, his left. arm extended in a gesture of command; one twisted leg is supported by a stilt under the shoe. As ex-Bishop of Autun (see BMSat 8088) he wears a hat whose crown is a mitre, a long gown and bands over his coat, and a rosary. In his mouth is a pen. Above his head a bird with webbed wings and the head of Lauderdale flies towards Fox, clutching a paper: 'Terms of Peace'. In his mouth is a completely are olive branch. He wears a bonnet rouge, and his body is covered with tartan."--British Museum online catalogue.
Auchincloss, Hugh Dudley--Ownership.
Buckingham and Chandos, Richard Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos,--Duke of,--1776-1839--Caricatures and cartoons.
Ellenborough, Edward Law,--Baron,--1750-1818--Caricatures and cartoons.
Erskine, Thomas Erskine,--Baron,--1750-1823--Caricatures and cartoons.
Fox, Charles James,--1749-1806--Caricatures and cartoons.
Grenville, William Wyndham Grenville,--Baron,--1759-1834--Caricatures and cartoons.
Grey, Charles Grey,--Earl,--1764-1845--Caricatures and cartoons.
Hanger, George,--1751?-1824--Caricatures and cartoons.
Harvey, Francis--Ownership.
Hastings, Francis Rawdon-Hastings,--Marquess of,--1754-1826--Caricatures and cartoons.
Holland, Henry Richard Vassall,--Baron,--1773-1840--Caricatures and cartoons.
Humphrey, Hannah, active 1774-1817, publisher.
Lansdowne, Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice,--Marquess of,--1780-1863--Caricatures and cartoons.
Lauderdale, James Maitland,--Earl of,--1759-1839--Caricatures and cartoons.
Napoleon--I,--Emperor of the French,--1769-1821--Caricatures and cartoons.
Riviere & Son Binding.
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley,--1751-1816--Caricatures and cartoons.
Sidmouth, Henry Addington,--Viscount,--1757-1844--Caricatures and cartoons.
Spencer, George John Spencer,--Earl,--1758-1834--Caricatures and cartoons.
St. Vincent, John Jervis,--Viscount,--1735-1823--Caricatures and cartoons.
Talleyrand-Périgord, Charles Maurice de,--prince de Bénévent,--1754-1838--Caricatures and cartoons.
William--IV,--King of Great Britain,--1765-1837--Caricatures and cartoons.
Windham, William,--1750-1810--Caricatures and cartoons.
Satires (Visual works)--England--1806.
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Auchincloss Gillray v. 6
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Lewis Walpole Library
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Lewis Walpole Library
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Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum. Division I, political and personal satires, v. 8, no. 10596
Wright, T. Works of James Gillray, the caricaturist with the history of his life and times, p. 337
Wright, T. Historical and descriptive account of the caricatures by James Gillray, no. 323