[Single combat in Moor-Fields, or, Magnanimous Paul O! challenging all O!] [art original].

[ca. 1801]
Physical Description:
1 drawing : graphite pencil with black ink border on wove paper ; sheet 252 x 327 mm.
Title and date from Rowlandson print after this drawing.
Attributed to Woodward.
For the print based on this drawing see: Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum. Division I, political and personal satires, v. 8, no. 9702.
Solds at Sothebys, September 1968; Acquisitions no.: 968-9-1-139.
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The surface of a platform stretches across the design; on this Pitt (right), valiant but anxious, faces the massive Russian bear, Paul, behind whom stands a stout ferocious-looking Russian soldier (like a showman with a performing animal), nearsightedly reading a document: 'Be it known to all men, - that my master, - the most Magnanimous [see BMSat 9415] most puissant, most powerful and most wonderful great Bear of the north - being in his sound and sober senses - Challenges the Whole World to single combat - and commences his first trial of skill, here in Moorfields, after which it is his intention to persue his Travels, and visit every Court in Europe - Asia - Africa - and America'. The bear wears a plumed crown, a collar inscribed 'Paul Bruin', to which are attached the massive links of a chain. His drawn sword is 'Temper'd-á-lá-Suwarrow!' On his shield is a grotesque head with gaping mouth, and the inscription 'Swallow All O.' Pitt wears a plumed helmet and light armour. His sword is 'Temper'd á-lá Nelson', his shield is inscribed 'Howe', 'Duncan', 'Nelson', 'Jervaise' [St. Vincent], 'Warren', 'Parker'. The platform is surrounded by a dense and jovial crowd. The windows and roofs of the adjacent houses are crowded with tiny waving figures; a boy sits on the high wall before a bunding inscribed 'Moor Fields' and probably intended for Bedlam.
Variant Titles:
Magnanimous Paul O! challenging all O
Associated Names:
Woodward, G. M. approximately 1760-1809 [Artist]
Duncan of Camperdown, Adam Duncan, Viscount, 1731-1804
Howe, Richard Howe, Earl, 1726-1799
Nelson, Horatio Nelson, Viscount, 1758-1805
Paul I, Emperor of Russia, 1754-1801
Pitt, William, 1759-1806
St. Vincent, John Jervis, Viscount, 1735-1823
Suvorov, Ale
Graphite drawings -- British -- 19th century
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Prints & Photographs
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Drawings W87 no. 28 Box D180
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G.M. Woodward, Single Combat In Moor-Fields, Or, Magnanimous Paul O! Challenging All O! The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University.
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