Poem in Chinese on the theme of plum blossoms reflected in water

Rai Sanyo 頼山陽, 1780-1832
Physical Description:
111.5 x 113 cm
ink on paper; mounted on single-panel screen
Ink painting of plum blossoms on reverse of screen by Matsumura Keibun. Translation of text: ' ""Enraptured, the pure figure stands in the snowy morning;/ The cold pool reflects the dawn dressing itself anew./ When thin ice is cracked, the frost has no vapor;/ When small waves stir, the jade-like blossoms are wrinkled./ On the nearby shore the branches outstrecthed bewilder the tired cranes;/ The fragrant plum buds reflected in the waves mislead the swimming fish./ Though an illusion, they steal beauty from the irises,/ Forbidding those who come to visit to defile them with dirt-soaked shoes."" Composed playfully on the theme of plum blossoms reflected in water. San'yo Gaishi.'
Calligraphy -- Japan -- Edo period, 1615-1868 -- (YVRC)
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Shimizu, Masters of Japanese Calligraphy, 1984, pl. 127
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