Map of East Palace: detail, Injongjon and Environs

Members of the Tohwaso (Bureau of Painting) 도화서의 화원들 (圖畵署의 圖畵員들)
Korea, Seoul: Changdokkung (palace complex)
ca. 1824 -1830 (Korea University Museum)
Physical Description:
Booklet: 36.3 x 45.7 cm; Assembled Map: 584 x 273 cm
1. Injongmun (인정문), 2. Injongjon (인정전), 3. Naesamch'ong (내삼청), 4. Sungbommun (숭범문), 5. Hyangsil (향실), 6. Kwan'gwangch'ong (관광청), 7. Sobangsaek (서방색), 8. Sonjon'gwanch'ong (선전관청), 9. Kwangbommun (광범문), 10. Sungjongwon (승정원), 11. Yuksollu (육선루), 12. Akkigo (악기고), 13. Sukjangmun (숙장문), 14. Yemun'gwan (예문관), 15. Yangjidang (양지당), 16. Kusonwonjon (구선원전), 17. Chinsonmun (진선문), 18.Jongch'ong (정청), 19. Paesolbang (배설방), 20. Sangsawon (상사원), 21. Howich'ong (호위청), 22. Naebyongjo (내병조), 23. Kyolsoksaek (결속색), 24. Chongsaek (정색), 25. Chonsolsa (전설사), 26. Wonyokch'oso (원역쳐소). The Tonggwoldo map shows Naesamch'ong, Kwan'gwangch'ong, Yuksollu, Akkigo, and others as closed space, but in the modern restoration, the area that these buildings occupy is open. There are no trees in front of the Injongjon because this space was used for coronations and important ceremonies. (Choson ui chip, tonggwol e tulta, 2006, 43).
Variant Titles:
Tonggwoldo ui injongjon kwa ku chupyon
동궐도의 인정전(仁政殿)과 그 주변
Architecture -- Korea -- Seoul -- Collateral -- (YVRC)
Painting -- Korea -- Choson dynasty, 1392-1910 -- (YVRC)
Choson dynasty, 1392-1910
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Asian Collection (Youngsook Pak Personal Collection)
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Choson ui chip, tonggwol e tulta, 2006
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Seoul, Korea: Korea University Museum
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