Portrait of Berthe Bady

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de, 1864-1901
Physical Description:
69 x 58 cm
Date Depicted:
1850 AD - 1899 AD
gouache on cardboard
Appliquéd lace at the shoulders stresses the horizontal line.
In the 1890s the bodice is built on a snug, boned interlining. It fits smoothly and neatly in back and on the sides. Fullness is concentrated in front between the two French dart lines, where the dress is draped, pleated, or gathered. The waist is attached to a shaped belt which sits outside the skirt. The sleeve is the most important dress detail. In the early '90s the silhouette is narrow and high shouldered. The gathering at the top of the shoulders develops into large puffs. By 1896 sleeves are immense, often as large as three yards around; they are supported inside by three coils. In 1898 fitted sleeves return to fashion. The skirt widens with the sleeves, nine yards around at its widest. It is gored in front and gathered in back. By 1893 it fits smoothly over the hips and swings out in back. An important skirt feature of the 1890s is its overall stiffness and organ-pipe pleats in back. The silhouette changes in 1900 with the straight-front corset. A heavy busk at the center front forces the body into a "kangaroo bend." The bust leads the body. The abdomen curves inward and the hips curve out in back. The dress is one piece, loosely bloused in front and trimmed with berthas and yokes. Fabrics soften as stiffening disappears. Most popular are lingerie fabrics of cotton, lace, and tulle. In 1908, as part of the development toward freer movement, a new sheath corset creates a bosomless and hipless figure.
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Turn of the Century
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Button, Jeanne and Sbarge, Stephen
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History of Costume, In Slides, Notes and Commentaries: Volume 5
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Albi, France: Musée Toulouse Lautrec