Rockefeller Center; Channel Gardens, Promenade and Plaza (New York, NY) : Sunken Plaza, general view with the UN Flags of Nations ringing the perimeter, looking towards 30 Rockefeller Plaza

Chambellan, Rene Paul, 1893-1955
Hood, Raymond M., 1881-1934
Manship, Paul, 1885-1966
Between 50th and 49th Streets and 5th Avenue and the Promenade, pedestrian street, New York, New York, United States
ca. 1934-1936
Physical Description:
59 ft (wide, ice rink) x 122 ft (length, ice rink)
Date Depicted:
bronze; paving; plant materials; gold leaf
The Channel Gardens separates La Maison Française (610 Fifth Avenue) from the British Empire Building (620 Fifth Avenue), just as the English Channel separates the two countries. The gardens are built on a gentle slope leading to the Sunken Plaza. There are 6 pools with fountainhead sculptures. The tritons, nereids, and other bronze creatures in the garden fountains are the work of sculptor René Chambellan. The design for each of them was personally approved by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. The Sunken Plaza was planned primarily to lure customers down to the center's extensive underground concourses. It was equipped with a winter ice skating rink for the first time in 1936. It contains the Manship statues "Mankind (Maiden and Youth)" flanking the entrance and the gold gilded "Prometheus" in the plaza fountain. The Promenade between the Plaza and 30 Rockefeller Center was originally planned as a through street, but a building owner on West 52nd St. blocked that plan and eventually it was closed to traffic.
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Channel Gardens, Promenade and Plaza
Architecture -- United States -- 20th century -- (YVRC)
Art Deco
Twentieth century
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