High chest of drawers

Philadelphia, Philadelphia county, Pennsylvania, United States
ca. 1750–1760
Physical Description:
94 1/2 x 43 1/4 x 23 in.
Mahogany; brass
Sack catalogue description: Queen Anne mahogany bonnet-top highboy, beautifully formed cabriole legs with shell-carved knees ending in five-petaled drake feet with cyma-curved outlines, shell-carved drawers centering lower and upper case section; fluted quarter columns, the piece is of exemplary proportions with a slender vertical emphasis, the front enhanced by a magnificent crotch figured grain with a satiny golden patina and the original brasses. The Philadelphia bonnet or scroll-top highboy did not come into its own until the Chippendale period and only a handful of examples of Queen Anne form are known. As illustrious as the beauty of this highboy is, it also has a richly documented history; this highboy has a continuous history of ownership in Haddonfield, New Jersey, from the time it was made to 1925, when it was moved by the descendant from whom we purchased it. According to the history furnishing by the family, the highboy originally passed from Samuel Clement of Haddonfield (1710–1784) to his daughter; through the marriage in 1784 of his daughter, Rebecca Clement to James Hopkins, eldest son of John Estaugh Hopkins, the Clement and Hopkins families became closely united. John Estaugh Hopkins was the grand nephew of Elizabeth Haddon, who married John Estaugh; he lived in the Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh House from 1761 to 1800. This highboy and its companion lowboy are illustrated in Hopkins and Cox, Colonial Furniture of West New Jersey, pl. 3, 6. The history furnished by the lowboy descendants claims that it originally belonged to John Estaugh Hopkins, who lived in the Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh home from 1761 to 1800. Whether these pieces originated in the Clement or Hopkins families, they were moved in 1800 to the new home built by John Estaugh Hopkins (now 65 Haddon Avenue, Haddonfield, New Jersey); accompanying the history is an old photograph of the Hopkins house, a silhouette of Beulah Hopkins (1791–1863), and a faded letter dated 1842 to Beulah Hopkins Nicholson, which reads, "Were I in the neighborhood of Haddonfield, I should love to have Aunt's large set of drawers, as a relic of antiquity and family piece."
Bibliography: Book: American Antiques from Israel Sack Collection, 10 vols. (Washington, D.C.: Highland House Publishers, 1957–1990), vol. 3, pp. 740–741, pl. P3414. Book: Thomas Smith Hopkins and Walter Scott Cox, Colonial Furniture of West New Jersey (Haddonfield, N.J.: Historical Society of Haddonfield, 1936), pl. 3, 6.
Variant Titles:
Queen Anne mahogany bonnet-top highboy
Decoration and ornament -- Queen Anne style
Furniture -- United States
Queen Anne
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high chests of drawers (AAT)
highboys (AAT)
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Furnishings & Decorative Arts
Prints & Photographs
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Israel Sack, Inc., Archive
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New York, New York, United States
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Sack, September 1971
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