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Welcome to the new Yale University Library Digital Collections repository.
This interface will ultimately replace the many individual digital collections now available from the Yale University Library.
During this period of development, we will add both new collections and new features and are very interested in your feedback.

These collections are currently in the repository:
Arabic and Persian Medical Books and Manuscripts
Arabic and Persian manuscripts and books, as well as early translations of Arabic and Persian works dating from 1300 to 1921, from the Medical Historical Library, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library.
Connecticut Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Over 6,500 maps in 470 atlases for Connecticut towns dating from 1880 to 1970 at 1:600 scale. These highly detailed maps provide building, outbuilding, and property footprints, labeled streets, addresses, and information about building materials and construction features for urban and residential areas of Connecticut.
Day Missions Collection: Annual Reports
Annual reports of mission agencies and institutions document educational, medical, and religious work worldwide. Dating primarily from the 1830s through the 1930s, these reports form part of the Yale Divinity Library's Day Missions Collection, the preeminent North American collection for documentation of the history of missions and world Christianity.
Day Missions Collection: Periodicals
Periodicals published by mission agencies and worldwide religious organizations provide documentation of educational, medical, and religious work, and eyewitness accounts of events and conditions. These periodicals form part of the Yale Divinity Library's Day Missions Collection, the preeminent North American collection for documentation of the history of missions and world Christianity.
Israel Sack Furniture Archive
The Israel Sack Furniture Archive is a comprehensive digital database of American decorative arts, consisting of over 7,000 records cataloging the material objects bought and sold by the firm of Israel Sack, Inc. As the premier antiques firm representing early American furniture for much of the twentieth century, Israel Sack, Inc. was an influential corporation, operating from 1905 to 2002 in Boston and then New York City. The Israel Sack Furniture Archive will provide students, scholars and decorative arts enthusiasts alike with an unparalleled resource of comparative material for the study of early American furniture.
Lewis Walpole Digital Images Collection
Highlights from the Lewis Walpole Library's eighteenth-century British collections: visual caricatures and satires; Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill--views, contents, and extra-illustrated copies of Walpole's "Description of the Villa"; selected topographical, portrait, and historical prints and drawings; ephemera such as trade cards, advertisements, bookplates, and playbills, and more.
Maurice Durand Han Nom Handwritten and Woodblock Manuscripts
Original woodblock or brush ink texts and translations of Han Nom texts into modern Romanized Vietnamese collected by Maurice Durand, a prominent Vietnamese/French scholar of Han Nom from the mid-20th century. Han Nom script uses classical Chinese characters to represent Sino-Vietnamese vocabulary and some native Vietnamese words, while other words are represented using locally created characters based on the Chinese model.
Persian Philological Texts
Selected older Persian philology texts which originate from South Asia, are rare European translations, or are reprints. All of the selected items are in the "endangered" preservation category. Many have extensive marginalia from scholars, or are from the personal libraries of Yale scholars such as Edward Salisbury.
Yale Indian Papers
Letters, committee reports, covenants and maps and other materials documenting the history of New England Native Americans. The Yale Indian Papers Project is a documentary editing endeavor and collaborative research initiative with the mission to advance scholarship on the history and culture of New England Native Americans.
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